We’re in the midst of a four-part series, A Brand Strategy for the Republican Party — and Your Business Too.  (Once again, I want to be clear that this series is not intended to promote my political views; rather I am trying to advance the conversation about the role of brands.)  Part One: The Problem […]


Yesterday’s post kicked off a four-part series, A Brand Strategy for the Republican Party — and Your Business Too.  As noted yesterday, this is a business post, not a political one.  Part One:  The Problem with Separating Brand from Product, talked about Rand Paul’s declaration during last year’s midterm elections, “The Republican Party brand sucks,” and how candidates […]


The 2015 mayoral election season is upon us and many people may be considering the political strategies of the Democratic and Republican parties. This four-part piece applies a business lens and explores the parties’ brands in a way that reveals implications for all organizations.  (Please note this is not a political post and not intended to […]

lean brand book

the book:  Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Lean Brand: How Brand Innovation Builds Passion, Transforms Organizations and Creates Value is a guidebook for startups the brains:  Jeremiah Gardner and Brant Cooper help startups get started.  This is Jeremiah’s first book and Brant was the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Lean Entrepreneur.   They share […]

apple beats brand strategy

I admit my first reaction to the news that Apple acquired Beats was skepticism.  The deal may have made sense from a business perspective, but it didn’t seem a wise move for the Apple brand — especially since Apple announced it would be keeping and using the Beats brand name.  But after I got past my knee-jerk […]

(Here’s the latest in my series of insights and analysis on new and interesting restaurant and retail concepts, Brand Experience Briefs.) Fresh 2 Order is a fast casual restaurant concept that seems to have a good thing going but lacks design excellence and coherence*.  Check out this video audit: Brand Experience Brief: Fresh 2 Order […]