What’s Wrong With a Family-Like Culture

Treating your employees like family sounds nice, but makes no sense.  In fact, trying to run your organization as a family – or even merely saying that you do — will hold you back, and may even backfire.

Your company is not like a family because:

  • You have to let people go.
  • You must set and use performance standards.
  • Your organization should aim to fulfill a higher purpose.
  • Your employees don’t want or expect your company to be a family.
  • You can end up with unhealthy attitudes toward your employees.

Learn more about why your organization is not a family and what I suggest as an alternative in my new Forbes article, Stop Saying Your Company Is Like A Family.  And if you’re one of the folks I’m guessing my POV might rub the wrong way, please leave your feedback in the Comments below. Thanks!

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