New CX Maturity Model

Every customer experience (CX) leader needs a CX Maturity Model.

What is a CX Maturity Model?  A CX Maturity Model is a framework that identifies the different areas of development that CX requires, along with key milestones in each area.

Why do you need one?  Without a model, CX efforts can become a bunch of difficult-to-manage, direction-less, disparate initiatives with no definitive outcome.

How do you use one?  Use a CX Maturity Model as a vision to help stand up a new CX initiative, as a game plan to unify an entire organization on a single path, and as a roadmap to secure additional organizational support and resources to advance CX.

What is an example of a CX Maturity Model?  Check out this sample CX Maturity Model that I developed from my work on a range of companies and adapted from the transformation and competency models developed by CX software company MaritzCX, CX research firm Temkin, and Altimeter, a digital transformation research and consulting firm.

Learn more about CX Maturity Models in my latest Forbes post.


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