brand-as-business bit:  In response to a recent post on strategy, Dr. Marco de Haas CEO of S-ray Diagnostics and professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam shared with me a tool that he has developed to facilitate organizational alignment around strategy.  The diagnostic tool, S-ray Alignment Scan, visually maps and objectively quantifies which organizational units are aligned and […]


Late last month the business world suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of C.K. Prahalad.  Harvard Business Review is not exaggerating when it calls Prahalad, one of the world’s “wisest and most influential management thinkers.”  I “discovered” Prahalad during my time at Sony, when my primary responsibilities transitioned from working on discrete projects and […]


Last week I had the pleasure of hearing the Director of Vision, Innovation, & Strategy for the San Diego Zoo, Beth Branning, speak about “Implementing Organization-Wide Strategic Alignment.”  The story of her efforts to drive through the organization the Zoo’s 5-year strategic plan provides some valuable insights and takeaways. […]