Amazon has opened a brick-and-mortar retail store, the Amazon Books Store — offering a web-enhanced shopping experience to customers and a Prime membership acquisition tool for the company.  Check out this Brand Experience Brief to see inside the store and learn about the retail customer experience it offers. related Brand Experience Briefs: b8ta — a new store for […]


As a competitive Asian Type-A perfectionist, admitting I’m wrong can be painful.  But discovering I was wrong about some developments in the business world has actually led me to learn some valuable lessons.  I thought you might benefit from my new insights, so here are six calls I got wrong starting with McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast: […]

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** Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway.  The offer is now closed, but you can still get free chapters from both of my books by subscribing to my exclusive newsletter. ** Folks, at the risk of seeming overly promotional, I would like to share with you a special offer: This week only, you can get my new […]

the year of customer experience

This past month I consumed a slew of content about customer experience which has led me to the conclusion that 2016 will be the year of customer experience. In fact, that was one of the key takeaways from a slideshow from entitled’s Top 10 Marketing Trends For 2016.  In the trend ”Brands In […]

How do you develop customer relationships that are strong and sustaining?  How do you connect with people in meaningful, valuable ways?  My new video in the series, Denise Lee Yohn Answers Your Brand-Building Questions, tackles this topic — take a look: Brand Expert Denise Lee Yohn on How to Develop Strong Customer Relationships from Denise […]

Now you can get a beer with your burrito at Taco Bell!  Check out the new Taco Bell Cantina in this video audit and analysis of the brand experience. DLYohn Brand Experience Brief: Taco Bell Cantina from Denise Lee Yohn on Vimeo. other Brand Experience Briefs: Jason’s Deli Shophouse Kitchen (by Chipotle) SuperChix (by Yum […]


What happened while you were out on vacation?  Here’s my top content from August: Brand Experience Brief: Shophouse Kitchen — video audit and analysis of Shophouse, the Asian fast-casual restaurant concept from the company behind Chipotle Mexican Grill         Donald Trump Shows Brands How to De-Position Competitors — my latest Forbes column […]