Bran Experience Brief: Gap

(Here’s a Brand Experience Brief — a video recap of my audit of a new or interesting retail or restaurant concept.)

In “A Humbled Gap Tries a Fresh Coat of Pep,” New York Times journalist Stephanie Clifford reports on the venerable retail chain’s efforts to revitalize its brand.  Key to the company’s strategy is a new store design, with the first iteration recently unveiled at the Grove center in Los Angeles.  Check out my video comparing that store redesign to an “old” Gap and learn how the changes are good, but more clarity, creativity, and cohesiveness are needed:

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  • This is very interesting – your store is a bit close to the look already, but what struck me most about the new store is, in parts, it looks almost exactly like our H&M in Kansas City. Do you think H&M is a direct competitor and one they are trying to emulate in this new “branding”?

  • hi kristi — i also found the new store looked a lot like others — i do think there’s a store design trend that everyone is following — this creates a terrific opportunity for someone to do something completely different. — denise lee yohn