What Makes Super Bowl Ads Super (and More Good Stuff to Chew On)

The popular Bloomberg Radio show, The Hays Advantage, with co-hosts Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn, interviewed me today to dish on the upcoming Super Bowl ads.  Listen to my take on the ads from Danone, GoDaddy, VW, and more here.


The interview was only one of the great pieces of content posted this week that relate to the launch of my new book, What Great Brands Do:  The Seven Brand-Building Principles That Separate the Best from the Rest.  More good brain food includes:

Let Design Do the Talking – In my new Forbes CMO Network column, I explain how great brands “sweat the small stuff” (principle #5 in my book).  Learn how Chobani and Trader Joe’s appeal to their customers’ senses and create strong emotional connections through design.

Scott Goodson, HuffPo writer, Strawberry Frog founder, author of Uprising, and creative thought-leader, discusses the importance of advancing cultural movements as a way to build your brand. Check out his write-up here.

Dain Dunston, author of Nanovation and the upcoming Branded to the Bone, provides his take on what great brands do, including the observation, “In Nanovation, we hit on [Great Brands Never Have to ‘Give Back‘] when we talked about companies that build corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the fabric of their business strategy, rather than as a year-end check to a charity. Great companies do well by doing good, by adding value to society.

There’s plenty more to come – check back for more brand-building resources next week!

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