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In Case You Missed It — Here’s a round-up of my most popular content from this month, March 2015: CNBC Closing Bell interview: Starbucks’ ‘Race Together’ Campaign Goes Cold — Bill Griffith interviews me.           Forbes column: What You Can Learn About Customer Experience From Sharing Economy Companies — Easy, effective, and emotionally engaging experiences seem indigenous […]

Welcome to my newest Brand Experience Brief, a video audit and analysis of a new or interesting retail or restaurant concept.  Today you can take a look at Sport Chalet flagship store located in the Fig@7th shopping center in downtown Los Angeles, CA.  As you will see, the concept and design of the store is quite compelling […]

Evolve book

Welcome to my latest “brand book bite” — check out the full collection of write-ups and author interviews here. the book:  Evolve:  Marketing As We Know It Is Doomed — a collection of essays, articles, and other content about how marketing has changed and what to do about it the brains:  Hessie Jones, digital marketing strategist and founder […]

What Great Brands Do infographic

If you’re looking for inspiration and insight on how to build a great brand, this infographic is for you.  It introduces the brand-building principles discussed in my bestselling book, What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles That Separate the Best from the Rest. (Jossey-Bass.)  Enjoy!  Download!  Share! (PDF version) related: learn what great brands […]


Today’s post concludes a four-part series, A Brand Strategy for the Republican Party — and Your Business Too.  After reviewing in Part One the problem with the way both parties’ brands are currently being used and introducing in Part Two the concept of a “driver brand,” Part Three: A Third Way — Political Parties As Endorser […]


We’re in the midst of a four-part series, A Brand Strategy for the Republican Party — and Your Business Too.  (Once again, I want to be clear that this series is not intended to promote my political views; rather I am trying to advance the conversation about the role of brands.)  Part One: The Problem […]


Yesterday’s post kicked off a four-part series, A Brand Strategy for the Republican Party — and Your Business Too.  As noted yesterday, this is a business post, not a political one.  Part One:  The Problem with Separating Brand from Product, talked about Rand Paul’s declaration during last year’s midterm elections, “The Republican Party brand sucks,” and how candidates […]


The 2015 mayoral election season is upon us and many people may be considering the political strategies of the Democratic and Republican parties. This four-part piece applies a business lens and explores the parties’ brands in a way that reveals implications for all organizations.  (Please note this is not a political post and not intended to […]

This Brand Experience Brief covers Best Buy.  I visited the location in Richfield, MN, and found that instead of presenting a cohesive Best Buy brand experience, the store provides a collection of shopping experiences for different brands. Take a look: DLYohn Brand Experience Brief: Best Buy in Richfield, MN from Denise Lee Yohn on Vimeo.   transcript: […]