JD Gershbein, a master of the art and science of LinkedIn, joins me for a conversation. In addition to speaking and teaching workshops around the country about LinkedIn, JD serves as a LinkedIn strategic adviser to businesses and has been featured on FOX TV News and CBS TV News, and in print in Forbes, Bloomberg […]


Who would have known just 10 short years ago that a surfer chilling out after a failed start-up would end up having created a cultural phenomenon?!  That’s what Nick Woodman, creator and CEO of GoPro, did.  Just last year, the maker of small, wearable, high-definition cameras hit $526 million in revenue and attracted electronics manufacturer Foxconn […]

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“Brazen.” “Provocative.” “Exuberant.”  What automotive brand comes to mind when you hear those words?  BMW?  Audi?  Maybe even Porsche?  Certainly not Mercedes – and yet, that’s exactly how New York Times reporter John Pearley Huffman described Mercedes’ newest release, the CLA250. Now, I’m not a car gal so I can’t tell you if Huffman’s review […]

small dog

Great brands don’t have to be big brands.  In fact, one of my favorite examples of a great brand is a small, privately-held design and innovation consultancy (Bulldog Drummond.) Another is a 12-unit, $40 million fast casual restaurant chain (Tender Greens). Another is a small non-profit (Keep A Breast Foundation.)  Each of these brands stands […]

absolute value

-  the book:  Absolute Value: What Really Influences Customers in the Age of (Nearly) Perfect Information – a provocative read about the new context of marketing today […]

This Brand Experience Brief builds on my recent post, “RH Is a Great Brand In the Making,” in which I described the full-scale transformation that Restoration Hardware is undergoing.  I had written the post based on research I had conducted on the brand but I wanted to see in-person how the change is being executed. Fortunately […]

find your greatness

Earlier this year, I was interviewed about what women want from digital technology.  (Thanks to Robin Raskin, Maria Bailey, and the team at MommyTech TV for the interview!)   I’ve studied the topic ever since my years heading up brand and strategy at Sony Electronics.  More recently, women’s needs have come to the forefront of […]

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I’m concerned about the retail industry.  Earlier this month, a Federal Reserve survey reported that retail sales had weakened in many areas because of winter storms.  As retailers report their first quarter results over the next few weeks, I’m sure we’ll see the fallout from the bad weather.  We’re already seeing the aggressive price promotions that retailers […]


“Great brands ignore trends” is one of the principles in my new book, What Great Brands Do, that has consistently been coming up in the interviews I’ve been doing about the book.  It’s just so counter-intuitive.  In fact, just last Friday, Jim Blasingame of The Small Business Advocate show, asked me about it in his radio […]