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Today marks the six month anniversary of the launch of my new book, What Great Brands Do! Thank you to all of you who have read the book, given it to friends/colleagues/clients, posted a review or write-up, interviewed me, shared it with your social networks, and otherwise helped make the launch so successful!  I am […]

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Here’s my newest “brand book bite” — check out the full collection of write-ups and author interviews here. –  the book:  How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination – a revealing resource about communication and influence –  the brain:  This is the second book from marketing guru and Hall of […]

danica patrick in godaddy ad

Earlier this week, Bruce Horovitz at USA Today asked me what I thought of the new ads from GoDaddy, replacing the overly sexualized use of Danica Patrick with spots featuring her and NASCAR crew chief Tony Stewart playing gags on each other. He ended up using only a line from my response in the write-up, so thought […]

It’s been nearly 3 years since I wrote “Lessons from Lady Gaga” and I’m still learning about marketing and brand-building from the Lady of Pop. Lady Gaga has already taught marketers how to attract attention through well-designed appearances (e.g., emerging from an egg at the 2011 Grammy Awards show) and how to develop brand communities like […]

connect internal culture to external cultural movements

From What Great Brands Do:  By connecting internal culture to broader cultural movements, great brands create futures in which they thrive and grow. What do I mean?  How about: Lululemon Athletica employees are part of the movement that’s making yoga more than just an exercise routine. Zappos employees are on a mission to “wow” customers at just […]

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- the book:   Do Lead:  Share your vision. Inspire others. Achieve the impossible – a deceptively short and extremely practical read – the brain:  Les McKeown is one of the leading authorities on leadership today.  Les has advised CEOs and senior leaders at Harvard University, American Express, T-Mobile,and Chevron; written 2 other fantastic books on leadership including the […]

retail customer experience

Brand Experience Week wrapped up last week, but there are plenty of Brand Experience Briefs for you to learn from.  Check out these 41 videos that audit and analyze new or interesting restaurant and retail brands to learn the do’s and don’ts of customer experience design: 1. AT&T Retail Center:  With a name like “Retail Center […]

great brands advance cultural movements

From What Great Brands Do,: Great brands identify powerful ideas on the horizon and discover ways to advance them. Learn more about advancing cultural movements in this new GetAbstract interview with me, Denise Lee Yohn Reveals ‘What Great Brands Do.’ More resources on cultural movements: Scott Goodson on Cultural Movements (audio interview with founder of StrawberryFrog, […]

Brand Experience Week draws to a close today with a Brand Experience Brief about a great brand in the making.  This video audit and analysis introduces sweetgreen, a 30-unit salad quick serve restaurant concept, that brings the company mission and values to life in every aspect of the customer experience. DLYohn Brand Experience Brief: sweetgreen from Denise Lee […]

Today we continue our series of video audits and analyses of new or interesting restaurant and retail concepts.  Hope you’re enjoying and learning from Brand Experience Week. Just a quick refresher: On Monday, we looked at SuperChix, a new chicken sandwich restaurant concept from Yum Brands. Tuesday’s video was about Evolution Fresh, a new juice-based […]