Sony’s Susan Jurevics on the Great Convergence

One of the biggest learnings from this past holiday season is how dramatically consumer behavior is changing.  People are now using an arsenal of smartphones, mobile devices, social apps, tablets and other tools to research prices, redeem coupons and make purchases.  And at the same time retailers are using an ever-growing list of channels and touch points to influence and enhance the customer experience.

So, for today’s interview I’ve asked an expert from one of the world’s most well known brands to share about how they are rethinking their approach customer engagement and experience, Susan Jurevics.  Susan is Senior Vice President of Global Retail CRM and Brand Marketing at Sony Corporation of America where she is responsible for developing and executing the company’s brand, digital and social strategies and she is on a cross-functional team that is currently re-architecting Sony’s global digital presence.

Susan is speaking at the upcoming National Retail Federation’s Retail BIG Show on the topic of The Great Convergence, so I wanted to give my listeners a preview of what she’ll be covering.  Listen to her insights about:

  • the reality of consumers’ “omni-channel” usage
  • decreasing affinity for hardware brands
  • how Sony is focusing less on brand activation and more on connections planning

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