Brand Experience Brief: Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar

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Most people think of pairing burgers with beers, but Fox Restaurant Group’s Zinburger is actually a burger and wine bar.  Check out this brief on the brand experience at this innovative concept:

Brand Experience Brief: Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar (by Denise Lee Yohn) from Denise Lee Yohn on Vimeo.


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Hello, I’m Denise Yohn.  Most people think of pairing burgers with beers, but Fox Restaurant Groupís Zinburger is actually a burger and wine bar.  Hereís a brief on the brand experience at this innovative concept.

Located in the ritzy Biltmore area of Pheonix, Zinburger is an upscale entry in the better burger category.  In fact, its service model is primarily casual dining, with servers attending to sit-down customers.  The restaurant does feature a bar, though, which doubles as a convenient counter service option ñ and serves to position the place as for adults.

Also with its focus on alcohol Zinburger is definitely an adult concept, not a family one.  The name, Zinburger, has a wine feel to it and the logo features a cow sniffing a wine glass.  Alcoholic beverages comprise the entire back side of the menu.   It hosts a Happy Hour and the beer tap is a prominent fixture of the bar.

The restaurant design has a feel thatís part modern, part quirky.  Polished light wood floors and tables are complimented by steel fixtures, mod furniture, and a roll-up garage door-like front window.  So, itís quite contemporary.  But a big mural featuring cows dominates the main wall, the signage on the restroom doors are fun, and inside the womenís restroom is a huge picture of paparazzi, so thereís a quirkiness to the restaurant as well.

Zinburgerís main menu item is a burger for $10. And like many other better burger concepts, it serves sweet potato fries, but they come with a zingy yogurt dipping sauce and the menu includes other more sophisticated options like a Turkey Sloppy Joe with roasted poblano and pepperjack cheese, a Seared Ahi salad, and desserts like a salted caramel shake, so itís appealing to an adult palate.  It downplays other aspects that are common to better burger places like quality ingredients ñ for example, the menu says its burgers are made with premium certified angus beef or American style Kobe beef but itís not a prominent message.  The food was delicious and the server, attentive and friendly.

All in all, Zinburger serves up a good customer experience.  More importantly, it stands out among the many better burger concepts that have been flooding the market in recent years.  Its unique design, alcoholic beverage offerings, and sophisticated menu items and ingredients all deliver on its position as an upscale place for adults.

Right now there are only 3 Zinburgers, 2 in Arizona run by Fox Restaurant Group, and 1 in New Jersey thatís independently owned and operated by The Briad Group.   The Briad Group just announced itís hired someone who will be tasked with expanding the concept.  I really donít see huge potential for it ñ this is really a niche concept, but itís a notable entry in the better burger category for its distinct and well-executed positioning.

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