25 Surprising Things About Brand & Culture

Here are 25 surprising things you will learn about brand and culture in my new book, FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies.

  1. The real reason behind Amazon’s success — why bad press about its corporate culture didn’t sink the company.
  2. Three major problems caused by a brand and culture mismatch.
  3. Why employee perks like unlimited vacation, free snacks, and beer on Fridays don’t produce the results companies need — and can actually backfire.
  4. There is no universal definition of a good culture, beyond a certain baseline. There is a unique culture that is right for each organization.
  5. Why you should get rid of your mission statement.
  6. Three ways to pinpoint your company’s overarching purpose.
  7. The difference between category values and core values.
  8. The three criteria that all effective core values have in common.
  9. How every company in the world falls into one of nine brand types.
  10. How to align your core values with your desired brand identity.
  11. How to conduct a culture audit.
  12. What is employee brand engagement and how to develop it.
  13. Ten years after Ford’s spectacular turnaround, what Alan Mulally did to lead a brand-inspired cultural revolution at that company.
  14. What is the “frozen middle” and how to thaw it.
  15. Why hiring, firing, and promoting decisions may be the most important leadership responsibilities.
  16. Why marketing and HR should collaborate, not compete.
  17. Why employee experience and customer experience must be inextricably linked.
  18. The four steps to designing employee experience.
  19. The power of rituals, artifacts, and employee policies and procedures.
  20. How to develop an employee manual that supports and advances your desired culture.
  21. Five ideas for staging employee brand engagement experiences.
  22. What is an employee brand engagement toolkit and how to develop one.
  23. How to use your overarching purpose to inspire external brand actions that define or redefine your brand.
  24. The cultural imperative behind REI’s successful #OptOutside campaign.
  25. How Oakley leveraged its culture to differentiate its brand.

Download a free chapter hereAnd pre-order your copy today to get access to exclusive resources including a special preview of my new keynote presentation. (Updated 03.14.18: Pre-orders are no longer available because FUSION is available for sale now here.)


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