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  • Matt McKee

    Excellent article Denise, you nailed Yahoo’s problems squarely on the head. The reality is that Yahoo can no longer compete with Google as a peer. If they have any hope of surviving perhaps they should focus on subdividing the category? Can they become a smaller, but well-defined portal to the internet for 15 to 20 year olds as one example? My son, who’s in that age category, detests anything I utilize online as “old guy” stuff and is always looking for new alternatives. All generations do and I suspect most parents out there can relate. I’d look for what likely will be a smaller audience they can own to survive. They may need to shrink to grow, but since the shrinking is already underway I think they have little to lose.

    • deniseleeyohn

      matt — i love the concept of shrinking to grow — doing less may actually mean gaining more — for yahoo and many other brands. thanks for sharing your thoughts. — denise lee yohn