Why Customers “Quit” Brands

brand-as-business bit:  There’s a saying in business that “employees quit managers” – meaning, usually an employee decides to leave a company because of his/her manager.  In other words, a person’s manager has a lot more impact on his/her job satisfaction than does the company.

I believe the same could be said about customers – a single experience at a single location impacts their decision whether or not to do business with the company again.  A company may serve most people well at most of their locations most of the time, but if in any given situation, it fails to deliver a great experience, it risks losing a customer.  That customer may “quit” the brand – for good.

This is a particularly important point for companies operating with a franchise business model.  Franchisees may be so focused on their individual businesses, they fail to see the broader consequences of their decisions and actions.  It’s important to remember that every experience matters – and no one wants to be the reason why a customer “quit” the brand.

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