What Whole Brands Do

How do you build a great brand? 

Ever since I wrote the book What Great Brands Do, I’ve been on a quest to discover and share answers to this question.  While all seven brand-building principles that I introduced in the book still are important and relevant today, the one that has risen to the top is the first one:  Great brands start inside – they start brand-building not with communications but with culture.

Moreover, in my more recent book FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies, I explain that companies must fuse external brand identity and internal organizational culture – that is, they must create a mutually reinforcing relationship between what they say on the outside and what they do on the inside.  When they do so, they build what the folks at the agency Barkley call a “whole brand.”

The Whole Brand Project provides a terrific complement and update to my research and insights, so I’ve shared about it in my new article on LinkedIn.  I explain what whole brands do and how that makes brands even more valuable than ever before.  Please give it a read here.



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