Last Saturday thought-leaders and change-makers converged on the Qualcomm Institute at Calit2 campus for a special day of sharing ideas, making new connections, and experiencing exciting possibilities.  It was the fourth TEDxSanDiego, an extraordinary day that certainly lived up to the standards set by the previous years (see my recaps here:  2012, 2011, and 2010.)  […]

On December 1, 2012, over 600 people gathered for the third annual  TEDxSanDiego.  Our theme:  Cause & Affect; our goal:  to highlight and emphasize the ability for individual’s to have an impact on some part of the world. […]

“All that matters is you have harnessed the indomitable power of being ready, willing and able.” — Sekou Andrews Last week, nearly 500 people gathered to envision — and experience — “the world in our grasp” at TEDx San Diego.  It was an energizing, inspiring, and challenging day as we discovered ideas worth spreading. This year I […]

DLYohn taste of tedx midwest View more presentations from Denise Lee Yohn, Inc.. I had the opportunity to sit in on a part of TEDx Midwest while I was visiting Chicago last week.  It was a little like a sampling a few bites from a bountiful buffet — here are a few of the nuggets […]


This is a post about love. I don’t mean the touchy-feely romance between lovers love — nor the air-kiss-“you-look-mahvelous” social lubricant love. Rather, I mean love as a game-changer for business leaders. Now, I have to admit my past approach to business has been better captured by the title of Tina Turner’s song, “What’s Love […]


America’s Finest City has lived up to its name once again.  The inaugural TEDx event here in San Diego earlier this week was everything the organizers promised (“bringing together innovators, explorers, teachers and learners in an environment that encourages collaboration, conversation and interaction“) — and everything I hoped it would be. […]


A colleague of mine alerted me to an article reviewing a talk given by Cheryl Heller, the founder and CEO of Heller Communication Design, at Pop!Tech the technology and design conference […]