the world in our grasp

All that matters is you have harnessed the indomitable power of being ready, willing and able.” — Sekou Andrews

Last week, nearly 500 people gathered to envision — and experience — “the world in our grasp” at TEDx San Diego.  It was an energizing, inspiring, and challenging day as we discovered ideas worth spreading.

This year I had the privilege of serving on the Program Team for the event and working with a fantastic group of thought-leaders with servant hearts who poured themselves into the selection and coaching of speakers.  Our intent was to express the evolutionary process of change and demonstrate that when inspired, anyone can have an impact on his or her own neighborhood, region, or even the world. If you attended, I’d love to hear your feedback (mail AT deniseleeyohn DOT com.)

Although nothing can replicate the extraordinary experience of the day, here is my attempt to capture some of what it was like:

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