connect internal culture to external cultural movements

From What Great Brands Do:  By connecting internal culture to broader cultural movements, great brands create futures in which they thrive and grow. What do I mean?  How about: Lululemon Athletica employees are part of the movement that’s making yoga more than just an exercise routine. Zappos employees are on a mission to “wow” customers at just […]

great brands advance cultural movements

From What Great Brands Do,: Great brands identify powerful ideas on the horizon and discover ways to advance them. Learn more about advancing cultural movements in this new GetAbstract interview with me, Denise Lee Yohn Reveals ‘What Great Brands Do.’ More resources on cultural movements: Scott Goodson on Cultural Movements (audio interview with founder of StrawberryFrog, […]

business plan ideas business trends

Upon brainstorming business plan ideas, have you ever thought that following a trend is the surest path to success?  Maybe you’ve thought “if only we could just tap into the healthy eating trend…” or “everyone now uses their mobile device to do everything so we better have a mobile offering so we can take advantage […]