Great Brands Ignore Trends

Upon brainstorming business plan ideas, have you ever thought that following a trend is the surest path to success?  Maybe you’ve thought “if only we could just tap into the healthy eating trend…” or “everyone now uses their mobile device to do everything so we better have a mobile offering so we can take advantage of that trend.”

Following a trend may be a great way to ensure your brand will be noticed and talked about in the short term, but in the research for my new book, What Great Brands Do:  The Seven Brand-Building Principles That Separate the Best from the Rest (Jossey-Bass), I actually found out that great brands ignore trends.

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And in fact, some don’t simply ignore trends, they challenge them.  Examples:

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill got started by challenging the trend in the early 90’s in which fast food chains were lowering prices (remember Taco Bell’s 59/79/99 cent menu?)  Chipotle offered higher quality ingredients, assembled right in front of customers, in a beautiful restaurant — at a higher price point — and ushered in the new fast casual restaurant segment.
  • Oprah ignored the trend started by Martha Stewart and other celebrities and decided against taking her production holdings public and licensing out her name for use on products — and has preserved and grown the value of her brand in the process.
  • Southwest Airlines‘s founders didn’t follow the lead of other airlines whose hub-based route strategy, sophisticated rewards programs, and meal service all seemed to be producing great success and profitability at the time.  Those very tactics they eschewed are now blamed for the significant losses their competitors experienced.

The above poster is the third in a series created for the launch of my book.  Previous posters/posts include:

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