Protobrand’s Stephen Hahn-Hriffiths on Why People Love Nike

I’m sure I’m not alone in admiring Nike as a great brand — one that has capture people’s hearts and minds, not to mention their wallets and social conversations.  What makes Nike such a well-loved brand?  In addition to the insights I share in my book, What Great Brands Do, there is now solid market research that unlocks Nike’s secrets to success.nike-love

The researchers at Protobrand, a research and branding firm, have used metaphor elicitation to uncover how and why people from all walks of life love Nike. The firm’s Meta4Insight methodology uses images to elicit people’s thoughts, attitudes, and feelings.  It’s a fascinating technique and the findings are even more intriguing.  Listen to my interview with Protobrand’s Chief Strategist, Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, to learn:

  • what are life philosophy archetypes and why are they important to brand-building
  • why are people are so devoted to Nike
  • what new opportunities might Nike pursue given the brand’s strong consumer bonds

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