October Brand-As-Business Buffet

Whaddya miss this month?  Among my pieces that generated the most conversation and shares were:

innovation or core? try both — My latest QSR Magazine column about how start-ups and established brands alike must balance their focus on their core brand, while also pushing the innovation envelope.

brand romney — A post explaining what Presidential candidate and challenger brand Mitt Romney needs to do to “eat” the big fish Obama.

nothing more than feelings — An excerpt from a talk I gave about the power of emotion to propel brands across the chasm from the early market to the mainstream consumer.

five ways for restaurant owners to achieve brand relevance — FastCasual.com recapped my presentation at the Fast Casual Executive Summit about creating shared value through social values.

how consulting firms win — A bit about how to position yourself as a valuable strategic partner.

Oh, and I wrapped my FREE build a breakthrough brand video series.

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