It’s What You Do

brand-as-business bit:  In response to my post last week about how Mitt Romney needs to adopt a challenger brand strategyDavid Morey, author of The Underdog Advantage: Using the Power of Insurgent Strategy to Put Your Business on Top, shared with me his piece, What’s an Underdog?   In it he makes the point that being an underdog is not about labeling oneself as one — it’s about thinking and acting as one:

…The label matters less than the bias for fighting from behind and playing offense.  How a candidate or business acts, then, is the crucial difference.  If you’re an underdog who wants to win in today’s economy you must, in the words of the old Avis slogan “try harder.”  Today, underdogs love change and at worst they embrace it and at best they lead it.

Just another reminder that in business — and in politics — it’s not what you say that matters, it’s what you do.

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