How To Excel At CX In 2020

In the spirit of turning over a new leaf to kick off 2020, I’d like to suggest five New Year’s Resolutions for achieving great CX in 2020:

  1. Offer exclusivity — Pursue new approaches that create experiences that are truly exclusive, different, and original.
  2. Develop empathy — Go beyond soliciting customer feedback and conducting survey research to uncover and anticipate unstated or even unfelt needs.
  3. Ensure economic benefit — Connect the dots between CX metrics and organizational KPIs to ensure the business case for CX is clear.
  4. Educate ourselves — Develop the specialist knowledge that fit our organization’s stage of CX maturity.
  5. Engage employees — Educate, equip, and empower to design and deliver great CX.

Check out my latest Forbes article to learn more about these recommendations.

And here are a few CX resources to help you execute on these New Year’s Resolutions and getting to great CX in 2020.

Delivering a More Customer-Centric Experience  — a Smartbrief on Leadership video
CX Maturity Model & The One Customer Experience Management Tool That Every CX Leader Must Use — Forbes article
Spark Customer Experience Innovation With These Three Strategies — an article from Forbes

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