ghosts of super bowl pasts

brand-as-business bit:  During the Big Game tomorrow, most eyes will be on Tom and Eli, but it’s David, Jerry, and Elton and the other celebs featured in more than a third of the ads who I’ll be most keen on watching.  That’s because Super Bowl ads make for great case studies on what works and what doesn’t in brand communications.

In preparation for tomorrow, it’s worth seeing what the ghosts of Super Bowl pasts teach us:

In 2010, I found most of the ads violated some of the fundamental rules of advertising:  know thy customer, know thyself, and avoid unsavory associations.  See my recap: “Manthems, Delusions, and Other Super Gaffes.”

A couple of years ago, the Super Bowl ads served to convey 5 advertising lessons including #1: creativity is a must, and #2: too much creativity can back fire.  Check out “My Super Bowl Was Filled with Guacamole.”

Check back next week for notes on what I learn this year.


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