When Customer Loyalty Isn’t

When is customer loyalty not really loyalty?  When customers face high switching costs when they try to stop doing business with a company.  When customers continuing buying only because of low prices and special promotions.  When customers can’t find a company’s contact information or come across other roadblocks when they try to cancel a subscription.  And when they feel handcuffed to a brand.

Check out my story about my “loyalty” to an airline company in this excerpt from a talk I gave at a recent Savor the Success Mastermind Group event. And learn how great brands cultivate meaningful, sustainable, valuable relationships with their customers — i.e., how they inspire true customer loyalty.

Denise Lee Yohn at Savor the Success Mastermind Group — Excerpt from Denise Lee Yohn on Vimeo.

(P.S. Contact me if you’d like to book me to speak to your organization about What Great Brands Do.)


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