Turnaround Lessons from Airbnb

How did Airbnb manage to recover so quickly from the Covid-19 pandemic?

CEO Brian Chesky and the leaders at Airbnb focused on a few key priorities:

  • the core business — they streamlined ancillary offerings and shored up their home rentals business
  • customer emotions — they assessed what customers were feeling and went to great lengths to assuage their fears
  • employee needs — they provided real help for real problems

As a result, they’ve resurrected their rental inventory and future bookings and nearly doubled the company’s value; and now, Scott Galloway, my favorite pundit and industry oracle, expects Airbnb to become the most valuable hospitality firm in the world and one of the world’s 10 strongest brands.  Learn how to turn their survival strategies into your success formula in my new Forbes article.


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