Three Questions Every Business Leader Should Be Asking Now

One thing I’ve learned from working with business leaders through three recessions and against fierce competition in fast-paced industries such as retail and digital technology is that it’s not enough to simply adapt to change.

Adapting to change means you merely react to it, like playing Whac-A-Mole.  One change pops up, and as soon as you’ve taken care of it, another rears its ugly head.  Trying to manage change like that just doesn’t work – you’ll go crazy, or go out of business, or both.

Instead, you need to become adept at changing – always evolving, anticipating what’s next, and creating change that gives you the upper hand.

My latest Forbes article explains three questions that enable leaders to actually lead. Check it out to learn how to lead your organization to thrive in uncertainty and perform under pressure.


Change Happens
Rethink Your Business
Great Management Questions

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