Taglines Are Dead…Long Live Taglines

When Adweek editor Jim Cooper asked me to write a Voices column for his magazine, I knew immediately the topic I wanted to discuss:  taglines.  Apple-thinkdifferentGiven how much creative and media has changed in recent years, it makes sense that those haiku-like brand sign-offs would also evolve.

As I researched the topic, I found some different schools of thought:  one argued that taglines are dead — they might have made sense in the Mad Men years, but they’re no longer needed among so many other brand messaging options.  The other defended the relevance of taglines, saying great brands from Nike to IBM to Red Bull continue to use them effectively.   And others pointed to the emergence of the hashtag as the new tagline.

I wrote the piece to reflect these different points of view and to propose that the nature of taglines is what really needs to change.  Please take a look and let me know where you stand on the issue.

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