advance your own movement

Great brands don’t follow – they lead. That’s why they tend to ignore existing trends and advance their own cultural movements instead. Makes sense, right?!  The power of discovering and advancing your own movement is easy to understand – but much harder to implement.  In my book, What Great Brands Do, I share approaches that […]

great brands advance cultural movements

From What Great Brands Do,: Great brands identify powerful ideas on the horizon and discover ways to advance them. Learn more about advancing cultural movements in this new GetAbstract interview with me, Denise Lee Yohn Reveals ‘What Great Brands Do.’ More resources on cultural movements: Scott Goodson on Cultural Movements (audio interview with founder of StrawberryFrog, […]


“Great brands ignore trends” is one of the principles in my new book, What Great Brands Do, that has consistently been coming up in the interviews I’ve been doing about the book.  It’s just so counter-intuitive.  In fact, just last Friday, Jim Blasingame of The Small Business Advocate show, asked me about it in his radio […]