When will marketers learn that eyeballs aren’t worth more than integrity?!  Brand managers and advertising agencies continue to run irresponsible ads and do outrageous acts in an effort to draw attention to themselves.  At best they might get some short-lived PR but more likely they end up just wasting their money — and damaging their […]

word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing (WOM) may be the most effective marketing out there today, given the wide availability and accessibility of people’s opinions coupled with the continuing public distrust of company sales pitches.  But WOM doesn’t just happen – nor does conventional marketing wisdom apply.  WOM marketing is unlike any other kind of marketing out […]


The McRib is back!  As the masses hurry into McDonald’s for the perennially successful product, other fast feeders are hoping their latest new creations will inspire similar loyal followings.  And new products aren’t just the lifeblood fast feeders — most every type of business faces the challenge of introducing new offerings that will catch on […]

brand-as-business bit:  A Google search for “marketing to millennials” produces nearly 1 million results.  Tapping into the large and influential millennial market is certainly important for many companies. But if you really want to get out in front of the trends, you should also be tracking Generation Z.  Generation Z is the cohort group of 68 […]