You’ve got brand-building questions; I’ve got answers! Today I’m introducing a new short series of videos to address the questions I frequently hear about brand-building.  My answers are taken from my recent media interviews, so they’re based on real-live issues.  Take a look at the first installment:  How should we evolve or extend our brand? Brand […]

(Here’s my latest Brand Experience Brief and it’s a fun one — if you’d like to suggest I audit a brand experience at a new or interesting restaurant or retail concept, please email me at mail [at] deniseleeyohn [dot] com.)  Have you heard of the main attraction in Austin, Gourdough’s Big. Fat. Donuts.?!  Fans line up for the fantastical […]

brand-as-business bit:   To expand or not to expand, that is the question — the question most companies grapple with at some point. While entering a new market certainly opens up a new revenue stream and increases the impact and stature of your brand, it can also add complexity and variability that threaten your operations and […]

Thanks to my column-writing gig with QSR Magazine, I recently got an insiders’ look at a remarkable company, Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp.  You probably know them as Souplantation, the 110+ unit salad and soup buffet concept, or Sweet Tomatoes, the name they operate under outside of Southern California. […]

Sunday’s NYT featured an insightful analysis of “Survivor,” the reality-show pioneer from CBS, currently in its 16th season — the piece recaps the show’s rise to popularity and its current slow decline. Once again, Hollywood has provided an excellent lesson in brand-building […]

Joe Pine — author of the several best-selling business books including the recently published Authenticity, consultant, former TED speaker, cigar-aficionado, and a really smart guy — opened a friendly debate with me […]