ICYMI:  Shophouse Kitchen, Trump, Alphabet, Brand Trends & More

What happened while you were out on vacation?  Here’s my top content from August:

20150719_205013Brand Experience Brief: Shophouse Kitchen — video audit and analysis of Shophouse, the Asian fast-casual restaurant concept from the company behind Chipotle Mexican Grill





trump de-positionsDonald Trump Shows Brands How to De-Position Competitors — my latest Forbes column on how Trump has re-framed the category and shifted the competitive positioning of its major players





Google-Alphabet-Photo-REUTERS-860x450_cAlphabet is Google’s Alpha-Bet — 60 second video on what Google’s name change to signals about the company from a brand strategy perspective






ThinkstockPhotos-787401455 Ways to a Great Experience — my new QSR Magazine column explaining that customer experiences should be entertaining, be empathetic, engage the senses, executed with excellence, and embody the brand





2015_BrandZ_Top100_Report summaryThe Financial Value Of Brands Continues To Rise — recap of seven brand trends from Millward Brown‘s BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report





goodgracious chick fil aWhere Good Meets Gracious — QSR Magazine article honoring Chick-fil-A, including perspectives on the brand’s strength and opportunities





retailWhat Great Retail And Restaurant Brands Do — announcement about my upcoming book, Extraordinary Experiences





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