Brand…Culture…Discuss. Introducing the FUSION Discussion Guide

Today I’m excited to introduce the FUSION Discussion Guide, a companion piece to my latest book, FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies.  It’s free and downloadable here.

In FUSION, I show you how to create a mutually-reinforcing, tightly aligned relationship between your external brand identity and your internal workplace culture.  I describe the foundational steps that all business leaders should start their work on brand-culture fusion — and then I provide five strategies to achieve fusion.

The journey to brand-culture fusion requires patience, focus, relentlessness, and discipline.  You need to be committed to it and you need to get your colleagues on board if you really want to get traction. The FUSION Discussion Guide is a resource to help you along that journey.  It includes five questions for each chapter that are designed to push your thinking, help you identify the most important points for your organization, and apply what you read in FUSION and take action.

The Discussion Guide can be used in different ways.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Host a book club-like study in which, on a predetermined schedule, you and your colleagues read a chapter and discuss the corresponding questions. One company used its intranet site to hold a virtual discussion among groups that were spread across the world.
  • Schedule a half-day or day-long session for you and your colleagues and assign the book as a pre-read. During the session, go through the entire guide, diving deeper into discussion on the points where there are questions or disagreement.
  • To do this with a larger group or your entire organization, assign different chapters to different sub-groups and then have each sub-group share with everyone the highlights of their discussions.
  • Go through the guide yourself and write down your answers. Consider sharing your key takeaways with a colleague and asking them to keep you accountable for taking action on them.

Whatever approach you use, this guide is intended to jump-start your journey to Brand-Culture Fusion.  I hope it clarifies your thinking about and takeaways from the book and helps get your teams and organizations moving in the right direction about aligning and integrating brand and culture.

While you’re engaging with the FUSION Discussion Guide, also be sure to check out these other free downloadable resources to help you get the most out of FUSION:

  • Brand Touchpoint Wheel Template and Worksheet – A Brand Touchpoint Wheel is a visual representation of all the brand touchpoints between your brand and the outside world, along with the ways various stakeholder groups impact them. Use this template and step-by-step instructions to develop a Brand Touchpoint Wheel for your organization and optimize your brand touchpoints.
  • Employee Experience Architecture Framework and Worksheet – An Employee Experience Architecture is a planning framework for designing and managing your employee experiences and developing strong employee engagement. These materials show you how to develop an Employee Experience Architecture and develop culture-changing employee experiences.
  • FUSION Manifesto — A designed poster stating the core messages from the book, ready for you to download and keep on hand for inspiration.
  • Posters of quotes from FUSION – Eye-catching downloadable posters featuring the best bits from FUSION, perfect for social sharing.
  • Brand Types and Organizational Values — A recap of the Brand Types and Organizational Values discussed in Chapter 3 of FUSION.

And I’ll continue to offer more free downloads in the future here.


What Great Brands Do Discussion Guide
Brand and Culture Are Misaligned at Most Companies


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