Words to Live 2014 By

As we start off 2014, I’m taking to heart the choice words I heard from the speakers at TEDxSanDiego a few weeks ago.  Here are ten ideas, pieces of advice, and insights that I want to inspire me in the coming year:TEDxHeader2.082913

When you’re passionate about something doors open. Sarah Susanka, Author of The Not So Big House

What would you do if the world was your team?Daniel Makoski, design lead for Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Projects group

Ask yourself, “What do I want to instrument?”Chris Rezendes, Founder and President of INEX ADVISORS

Wonder without Googling.Janelle Hoffman, Creator of Gregory’s iPhone Contract

A lot of people make the mistake of talking too much.  The folks who are most successful are the ones who listen. – Todd Gloria, Interim Mayor of San Diego

We thought we had immaculate perception but we’re infected by implicit bias.Jerry Kang, Professor of Law and Asian American Studies at UCLA

The more God-like our power has become, the more powerful an effect it’s had on our humility.David Brin, Scientist and Author of The Transparent Society: Will Technology Make Us Choose Between Freedom and Privacy?

The world goes on with or without you.Erin Cooney, Artist and Creator of ‘Simultania’

Get out there and MAKE something!  Sylvia Todd, 12-year old of ‘Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show’

Talking about things won’t make them happen. Benjamin Bratton, Associate Professor of Visual Arts at UCSD

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