Use An EX Maturity Model To Empower EX Excellence

Customer Experience (CX) maturity models are used by many companies to guide, measure, and improve their performance on CX.  You need a similar tool to empower Employee Experience (EX) excellence.

I suggest an EX Maturity Model that incorporates the 10 key building blocks of EX:

  1. Strategic clarity – clear vision and strategy for EX
  2. EX:CX alignment – full integration and alignment of EX and CX
  3. Data and measurement – established KPIs and key metrics tracking
  4. Organizational culture – adoption of EX as strategic priority
  5. Executive engagement – full engagement of company leaders
  6. Cross-department involvement – integration of all EX-related functions
  7. Employee intimacy – rich and deep employee insights
  8. Operations – EX embedded into operations
  9. Systems & processes – robust EX data & platforms integrated with CX
  10. Skills & capabilities – EX as core competency

Use the model to pursue, track, and assess your progress in each of the 10 building blocks through five stages – from initiating to excelling.

Learn about the model in my Forbes article and download a copy of the EX Maturity Model here.



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