Michael Tchong — officially a “trend analyst” and author of ubercool, unofficially a really cool, smart, friendly guy — entertained and educated those of us in attendance at the CMO Council Summit yesterday.  He differentiated between trends and fads saying, “Trends reflect fundamental changes in consumer values; fads don’t change values, they just skim the social surface.

He expounded on 6 “ubertrends”:

1. Unwired – the unhooked generation

2.  Time compression – acceleration of life

3.  Experience economy – been there, done that

4.  Digital lifestyle – marriage of man and machine

5.  Fountain of Youth – reinventing body and spirit

6.  WAF – “women’s acceptance movement”

You can review an abbreviated version of his presentation at:


Although some of the trends Michael discussed were not new news, the dimensionalization and proof points he provided for them were revealing, and the implications are important for all marketers.  My key takeaway:

The rules of social engagement are changing.  We want to do everything more, faster, everywhere — we’re becoming an on-demand society — brands must focus on simplifying the interface and serving “control freak” consumers –- and be careful not to become a CWOT (complete waste of time).

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