Is social media a new phenomenon, or one that’s been around for centuries and is simply being fueled and shaped by the latest technological developments?  In today’s interview, Jonathan Salem Baskin offers his point of view. Jonathan is a global brand strategist, leading a global network of partner companies in the Baskinbrand Alliance and managing […]

Andy Beal, an internet marketing consultant, award-winning blogger, professional speaker, and co-author of the critically-acclaimed book Radically Transparent: Monitoring & Managing Reputations Online, was kind enough to share a few moments with me earlier this week.  Our talk covers topics like: how the social web is changing search the difference between brand and online reputation […]

Before we quickly toss aside 2008 with the carelessness due a former lover, I thought it might be enlightening to look back on the predictions that were made at this time last year — […]