Kick it off. Drop the ball. Setbacks. A free pass. Take it over the finish line. Follow-through. The vocabulary of sports penetrates the business world. Due to the highly competitive nature of business, the concept of teams meeting on the playing field for a fierce contest has clear application to business as we’ve known it. […]


“To Survive, the Fitness Industry Must Rethink Fitness” is a piece Club Industry, the magazine for fitness business professionals, asked me to write. […]


industry reboot

The folks at Booz & Company published two articles a year apart but they are extremely relevant to each other.  One describes six industries needing transformation; the other outlines one that’s already initiated a reboot.  From both, we gain valuable insights about the why, what, and how of business transformation. […]


I’ve finally made it through all of the hours of Olympics coverage which I DVR’d because I had been unable to watch most of the Games live.  Since I already knew the result of many of the competitions, I was interested in watching mostly for the profiles of the athletes and stories behind and nuances […]