Andy Beal, an internet marketing consultant, award-winning blogger, professional speaker, and co-author of the critically-acclaimed book Radically Transparent: Monitoring & Managing Reputations Online, was kind enough to share a few moments with me earlier this week.  Our talk covers topics like: how the social web is changing search the difference between brand and online reputation […]

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The folks at BLACKCOFFEE have been inviting folks to complete the thought, “A Brand Is…” I was so fascinated to read the range of responses that I decided to take a closer look.  I wanted to see what common themes emerged among people’s definitions of “Brand” and what we could learn from them. […]

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Sony‘s celebration of Walkman‘s 30th anniversary this month has been bittersweet.  The headlines of stories covering the occasion speak to brand’s lost luster.  Yahoo! Tech declared “Sony struggling as Walkman hits 30th anniversary“; “Sony toils” MSNBC’s headline agreed and added:  “Once a pioneer of cutting-edge gadgets, company struggles to reinvent self.” In the midst of […]


I’ve been thinking about the importance of connecting the internal organization with external customers.  All too often it seems companies are either too inwardly focused, getting too caught up in their own capabilities, technologies, and process — or too outwardly focused, trying to be everything to everyone and ending up being nothing to no one. […]


Today my series on brand value creation comes to a close with a look at companies’ Learning and Growth.  Previous posts have examined how brands create value for companies from the Customer, Financial (2 posts) ,  and Internal Business Process perspectives. […]


Today we come to the end of the “5 Brands We Would Miss” series.  Throughout the week we’ve looked at some of the brands on 24/7 Wall’s list of “Twelve Major Brands That Will Disappear,” exploring what we would miss if they went away.  […]


For those of you just joining, my blog posts this week are a series of “5 Brands We Would Miss.”  The series explores what we would miss if some of the brands on 24/7 Wall’s list of “Twelve Major Brands That Will Disappear” did indeed disappear. So far we’ve covered Budget, Saturn, and Crocs. Today’s […]


This is the third in a series of blog posts on “5 Brands We Would Miss.”  The series, based on 24/7 Wall’s list of “Twelve Major Brands That Will Disappear,” is exploring what we would miss as a result of some of brands’ demise.  Today, it’s Crocs. […]


Saturn is today’s entry in the blog series on “5 Brands We Would Miss.” I’m running the series by posting each day this week about a brand from 24/7 Wall’s list of “Twelve Major Brands That Will Disappear.” I have been giving my thoughts on what we would miss as a result of the brand […]