In my experience working with some of the world’s greatest brands, I’ve discovered the single most important requirement for building a great brand: ownership of brand-building by executives at the highest level of the organization. More than big marketing budgets, more than breakthrough creative ideas, more than strong sales capability — if you want a great […]


Sheryl Adkins Green, Global Vice President of Brand Development for the iconic cosmetics brand Mary Kay Inc., is my guest for today’s interview. She has some important insights to share about how to build a brand across many different countries and cultures.  She speaks not only about understanding the differences and commonalities among women around […]


In a post earlier this week, I started to address why some companies don’t operationalize their brands.  I suggested that there are 3 kinds of business leaders who fail to leverage the full potential of their brands. […]

Brand Operationalization gap

Over coffee the other day a colleague asked me a question I actually get asked a lot:  Do you find that people “get it?”  By “it” he was referring to operationalizing the brand, the approach I teach and help my clients implement.  He asked because he’s found, as have I, that although many company leaders […]


Last week I had the pleasure of serving as a panelist on the marketing track for the 26th Annual Southern California Business Growth Conference.  Co-hosted by the Harvard Business School Association of Orange County and USC Marshall Alumni Association, the conference attracted over 1,000 of the region’s elite business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. […]