46 rules of genius

the book:  The 46 Rules of Genius: An Innovator’s Guide to Creativity – a stimulating short guide to cultivating creativity the brain:  Marty Neumeier is the perfect person to write about genius because he is one.  He rocked the world in 2005 with the book The Brand Gap:  How to Bridge the Distance between Business […]


–  the book:  Romancing the Brand: How Brands Create Strong, Intimate Relationships with Consumers – an easy read filled with fascinating brand stories –  the brain:  Tim Halloran, former executive at Coca-Cola and current consultant to companies including Home Depot, Kraft Foods, and the NBA […]


(“brand book bites” are book write-ups that highlight the most interesting brand stories in the latest best-selling books.  Subscribe to my feed so you don’t miss these regular bulleted briefings on the books I recommend.) –  the book:  Converge:  Transforming Business at the Intersection of Marketing and Technology – the ultimate business card for Razorfish, […]