Pirch CEO Jeffery Sears on Changing Your Brand Name

Making a change to your name may be one of the most difficult — and risky — undertakings for a growing brand.  But that’s what PIRCH, the new Fixtures Living, just did.  Joining me today for a fascinating discussion is PIRCH CEO Jeffery Sears.  Jeffery CasualJeffery is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with extensive experiences with corporate turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, and general corporate leadership, most recently with Barbeques Galore — so he knows a thing or two about building a brand.

Take a listen to this interview to learn:

  • how the company’s entry into luxury lifestyle malls prompted the name change
  • why PIRCH is spelled differently and is in all capital letters
  • how the company engaged its customers in the name change

Plus, you’ll learn about the importance of setting why you do before what you do.

If you start out trying to sell without a core belief, it’s not sustainable.” — Jeffery Sears


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