Jef Holove on Making Tech Wearable and Sticky

Juniper Research recently reported that smart wearable device shipments will approach 130 million by 2018, 10 times higher than in 2013. That’s a lot of devices — and a lot of growth.  And the Harris Poll recently found that nearly half of Americans (46%) are at least a little interested in owning a watch or wristband type wearable tech device. But roughly the same number (49%) believe wearable tech is just a fad and that it is not likely to become common, the way smartphones have, and 47% do not believe that wearable tech could be useful for their lives.

Here’s more good news/bad news.  According to the Consumer Electronics Association, ownership of dedicated wearable fitness devices tripled from 3% in 2012 to 9% in 2013.  But daily usage of those devices remains low — with the lowest being devices with highest penetration (e.g., 37% own a pedometer but only 26% of those use it daily).

So how can digital device manufacturers ensure that their gadgets are worn and used after the initial novelty wears off? jef-holove-basis-ceo-5-11 Jef Holove, the CEO of Basis Science, the makers of the cool watch-like personal health tracker, has some helpful insights.  Take a listen to this interview in which we discuss:

  • crossing the chasm between the early adopter and the mainstream consumer
  • if wearable tech should be designed to be visible and worn as a fashion statement or if it should be hidden and discreet
  • what prompts consumer behavior change


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