It’s Still About the Experience

“Those businesses that relegate themselves to the diminishing world of goods and services will be rendered irrelevant. To avoid this fate, you must learn to stage a rich, compelling experience.”

These words were written over 18 years ago by Joe Pine and James Gilmore in their book The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre and Every Business a Stage, and they are even more true and important in today’s business environment. It’s still about the experience. My new ChangeThis manifesto, It’s the Experience, Stupid!, explains why experience remains the frontier on which companies compete and win today. Please check it out.


Pages from DLYohn ChangeThis Its the Experience Stupid Manifesto


The manifesto is only one of many new articles, reviews, and interviews that have been published in support of the launch of my new book, Extraordinary Experiences: What Great Retail and Restaurant Brands Do. Here’s a few more that will stimulate your thinking about customer experience, the retail and restaurant industries, and what great brands do:

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