ICYMI:  Customer Experience Design, Hashtags, Writing a Book, the Shark Tank & More

In Case You Missed It — Here’s a round-up of my most popular content from this month, February 2015:

Customer_Experience_business_strategyHBR column: 7 Steps to Deliver Better Customer Experiences — Most companies are using an incomplete definition of customer experience, and have incomplete tools and approaches to design and manage it.





UGG Birth of Brand Book Cover reduced sizebrand book bite from “The Birth of a Brand” — write-up and author interview with UGG founder Brian Smith on book about how UGG became a cultural phenomenon





hashtagForbes column: Use Hashtags to Generate Greater Brand Engagement — The hashtag has become the new “like” — and that’s not a good thing.





catalogsHBR column: Why the Print Catalog Is Back in Style






Adobe Photoshop PDFInterview with me about What Great Brands Do by Neuromarketing’s Roger Dooley






super bowl nfl britney ad

Forbes column: This Is the NFL’s Real Brand Problem — The League could express and adhere to a cohesive, compelling brand idea if only it would do what all great brands do — that is, commit and stay committed to the core of its brand.





qsr magazine shark tankQSR column:  Surviving the Shark Tank — How to make your brand appealing to investors.






02_Book_Publishingwhat you need to know about writing and publishing a book —  Tips and notes from my experience with What Great Brands Do.





The New York Times quote: Lands’ End, Post Sears, Replaces Its Chief — My insight into why Lands’ End hired former Dolce & Gabbana President



superbowl-fiat-ad 2015superbowl 2015 ad scorecard — my completely subjective, unscientific Super Bowl Ad Scorecard

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