Extraordinary Experiences Interview with Jeffery Sears, CEO of Pirch

Here’s an interview with Jeffery Sears, CEO at PIRCH, a premium retailer of appliances, plumbing, and home fixtures.jeffery sears

I spoke with Jeffery during the research for my new book, Extraordinary Experiences: What Great Retail and Restaurant Brands Do, and in the book I highlighted the brand for sweating the small stuff because of PIRCH’s devotion to detail in its stores, as well as in all customer touchpoints and ultimately in the way it operates as a company.  In our conversation not only will you learn about these points, but Jeffery also explains how PIRCH uses the SCARF method, a neurosicence approach to understanding the way people relate to each other and socialize, to design its customer experiences.  I so enjoyed speaking with Jeffery and I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening.

(Thanks so much, Jeffery, for so generously sharing your time with me and my readers.)

  • 02:40 “retail is a social contagion”
  • 09:20 how PIRCH does employee on-boarding
  • 10:58 using SCARF in customer experience
  • 13:45 “joy” is PIRCH’s brand essence
  • 16:43 how Jeffery views investment in culture and employees
  • 20:46 how PIRCH handles Yelp reviews
  • 25:33 how Jeffery went about designing the company’s new headquarters office
  • 29:21 “the single greatest pitfall of an entrepreneur is…”


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