What Is the Current State of Wearable Tech and Other Key Questions

Wearable technology was a hot topic at the International CES this year and I was pleased to moderate a panel of digital health and fitness experts on the subject. Panelists included Jef Holove, CEO, BASIS Science; Isaiah Kacyvenski, Head of Sports Segment, MC10, Inc.; Dave Monahan, President and CEO, FitLinxx; Ruth Thomson, Business Development, Cambridge Consultants, and Jason Kimball, Chief Brand Officer, JayBird.

Here are three short video clips from our discussion:

What is the current state of wearable technology? (key stats on penetration and usage)

Should wearable tech be visible (designed to be worn as a fashion statement) or invisible (designed to be discreet and personal)?

Where will the next wearable tech breakthrough come from?


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