brand camp, give me s’more

Tom Fishburne‘s new book, This One Time, At Brand Camp, is delightful.  Comprised of over 100 cartoons that poke fun at all the wonderfully stupid things we marketers say and think, the book contains some real gems.

I’ll never be able to use the phrase “target market” or “brand loyalty” with a straight face again.

I’ve seen Tom’s cartoons regularly appear in Brandweek and other international journals but never knew the story behind them.  Apparently back in 2002 Tom “started lampooning business in a marketing cartoon called Brand Camp about life on the M&M bowl side of the focus group glass.”  A couple of gigs later, he’s now Senior Marketing Director of Europe for method products (yes, that really cool brand that transformed dishsoap into an object of desire) and cartoons on the side.

Hope you enjoy his work as much as I do — have a laugh on (at?) me!

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