(Welcome to a “Brand Experience Brief” — insights and analysis of new and interesting restaurant and retail concepts.) REI’s first store in New York City is the quintessential flagship store – it’s big, it’s in a prominent location, and it showcases the brand like no other retail store. Check out my video recap on this […]

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I’ve been working with a major retail brand and my engagement has included an audit and assessment of retail best practices.  Although most of my work is proprietary, I wanted to share some of my findings here because I’ve found some really interesting patterns. […]


Jonathan Salem Baskin recently posted an “open memo to Blockbuster’s agency” (DDB Entertainment) congratulating them on their recent win of the account — and warning them that their client’s CEO plan to “transform the Blockbuster brand into an entertainment provider” is doomed.  […]


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Given that it’s a holiday today, I’m going to take a break from the series on brands that have failed to live up to their potential — and instead, I wanted to relay a recent experience I had with a company (and lessons learned) […]