Brand Incentives

brand-as-business bit:  Last month we lost a great political thinker, James Q. Wilson.  In a tribute to “the pre-eminent political scientist of the last 50 years,” The New York Times described Wilson’s groundbreaking analyses of political behavior. His work on how organizations offer incentives for people to join and support them seemed an interesting way […]

brand-as-business bit:  I love how some of The New York Times’ best business stories aren’t found in the Business section.  Case in point:  The Sports section’s recent recap of the 76ers turnaround.   It retraces private equity titan Josh Harris’s moves to rejuvenate the august team – and in doing so, it provides helpful pointers for […]


Companies need to make money – I get it.  And as a capitalist at heart, I generally subscribe to the business practice of charging what the market will bear. But as I’ve learned about the recent pricing decisions of two high-profile institutions of American culture – Starbucks and The New York Times – I’ve wondered […]