With a mission to “Discover a Healthier You,” NatureBox might sound like just another snack foods company, but it’s actually one of a growing number of businesses operating with a subscription business model.  Just like at JustFab, BirchBox, and Dollar Shave Club, subscribers of NatureBox sign-up to receive monthly shipments of products.  The success rate […]

shoe_dazzle homepage

ShoeDazzle took the retailing and investing worlds by storm four years ago as it broke new ground in what is now commonly referred to as subscription commerce.  After a “professional” CEO failed to grow the company and a valiant but unsuccessful attempt by its original CEO to get it back on track, just last week […]


Change is good.  It’s more than good – it’s necessary for growth.  Companies need to evolve their offerings in order to keep things fresh and their customers interested. But what happens when a company changes its business model in a way that strips away a valuable element of its brand equity?  Is it able to […]